A Very Woggy COVID Xmas 2020

A Very Woggy COVID Xmas 2020

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After the year that was in 2020, one regular feature of The Comic’s Lounge is back for the 20th straight year.

It looked like this show was not going to happen, but as things re-open in Victoria, we thought it would be fitting to end our Christmas season with A VERY WOGGY “COVID NORMAL” CHRISTMAS.

This year’s line-up features the founder of this show, Gabriel Rossi, accompanied by George Kapiniaris, James Liotta, Piero Viavattene and Ashley Fils-Aime. It will be another show packed with ethnic humour, and I daresay this year’s edition will feature many jokes about the pandemic, but with an ethnic twist.

Tickets are limited due to Covid restrictions, so you can now enjoy the show in the comfort of your own house or your Nonna’s house.

Available to stream until Sunday November 7, 2021.

Please note: This stream will be available to watch until Sunday November 7 2021, 11:59 PM AEDT
This event is no longer available