About us


The journey so far

2020 wasn't the year anyone wanted or expected. With swift restrictions on social gatherings causing many venues to close their doors, almost all venues, festivals and performing companies took a direct hit to their ability to deliver revenue generating performances and services.

We saw an opportunity to provide a solution that enables organisations to deliver ticketed online performances - both pre-recorded and live-streamed - in a secure environment that also encourages philanthropic support.

That solution is Tikstream - a ticketed online streaming solution that enables creative organisations to generate revenue from securely streamed digital events to more than one million people at a time. Tikstream enables audiences to easily access, support and experience the arts and cultural organisations they love from the comfort of their homes, on any device.

As a user-friendly, secure, scalable digital streaming solution, Tikstream allows organisations to host digital events, share content and sell tickets to their audiences anywhere in the world.

The system ensures exclusive ticket-holder access to pre-recorded or live-streamed content, with audiences able to set their own fair ticket price from a range set by the host organisation.

Tikstream helped solve the problems we all experienced during COVID-19 lockdowns, and is a digital platform that remains relevant for ongoing events and engagement.


Our mission

While the events of 2020 that drove us to create Tikstream are mostly behind us, there is still an important role for streamed content.

We give audiences still unable to attend in person the ability to experience your craft from their homes.

We give companies the ability to extend their reach beyond existing geographic and time-based limitations.

We allow companies to share more of what they do with their engaged audience than they may be able to see in person.

We provide a constant revenue stream that can cumulatively contribute to a company's financial success over time with minimal effort.