Pricing is easy – no set-up costs!

We keep pricing simple, with no upfront outlay required. Our pricing model is based on ticket sales, so you'll only ever spend a fraction of what you make, and never more. Tikstream retains 10% of each ticket sold, plus 50c per transaction. Using real numbers, that means a $5 ticket purchased would see you earn $4, and a $20 ticket would see you earn $17.50.

All prices are in AUD or NZD.

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Technically, there is no cost to using Tikstream. We don't charge set-up fees and only take our payment from sales you make on our platform, so you'll never end up behind. There's a little more information on this on our Pricing page.

Once you provide us with the information we need (such as your event's name, description, dates, times, prices and assets) we can have you set up and selling within an hour. Once you've been onboarded, we can also empower you to easily set your own events up.

Once you know you want to move ahead with Tikstream, you simply need to return our signed Service Agreement, and fill in our data collection form with your event's name, description, dates, times, prices, assets. You'll also need a plan for how your video content will be produced and/or live-streamed. We can talk you through this.

Yes we do, though this needs to be agreed in advance. We'd be happy to talk through how we can support your organisation's need to distribute free ticketed events.

Yes, our platform enables administrators from your organisation to create and send out complimentary tickets. We can demonstrate this feature to you on our initial demo call.

Your share of ticket sales is released to you on a daily basis. Using Stripe Connect, the revenue split will be calculated at the point of purchase, and once bank account details are fully verified, you will begin to see daily transfers paid into your account.